The Last Garden (in Memory of Freeman Lowell), 2007
Potted plants, fogger, live video feed, DVD, video mixer, rear-screen video projection, LCD monitor

Installation view of window-projection at ICA, Philadelphia. Produced in conjunction with LURE Project's Sweet Green Hangout for the exhibition Locally Localized Gravity

Based on Douglas Trumbull's 1972 eco-sci-fi classic, "Silent Running", The Last Garden extends the original film's narrative in which the last surviving forest of Earth, preserved aboard Spaceship Valley Forge, is left in the hands of a single robot programmed to care for it.

In The Last Garden (in Memory of Freeman Lowell), animated footage of this robot is mixed in real-time with a live-video-feed of a small garden located nearby in the gallery, creating a scene where the robot appears to be tending the garden. Whether the garden will survive or not will become clear over the course of the exhibition. As the work is projected on the ICA's windows each evening over the duration of the exhibition, LURE's greenhouse (Sweet Green Hangout) and the ICA itself will be transformed into Spaceship Valley Forge, posing questions about the fragility of our environment, and the delicate relationship between Man and Nature.