Cosmic Microwave Background with New Humans, or
Interstellar Communication Breakdown, 2005
In collaboration with New Humans
multi-channel video/audio installation with live performance,
LCD projector, monitors, reflective mylar

Cosmic Microwave Background...was produced in collaboration with Brooklyn-based sound/installation artists New Humans for performances at Apexart and PS1 Contemporary Art Center (NYC).

The installation and performance creates an immersive environment sculpted from white noise and manipulated television static. Using a variety of electronically manipulated instruments, New Humans create a continuously undulating wall of sound inspired by radio static and television noise--familiar sounds that result from the emanation of microwave radiation permeating the Cosmos. Videos simultaneously play on stacked monitors and projections, all reflected in a silver mylar covered floor and walls. Television static is manipulated in very subtle, kaleidoscopic forms, and complex static-filled mattes created from classic Hollywood science-fiction films hover on the threshold of perceptibility. Just as sonic patterns slowly emerge from the dense soundscape, what first appears as common television static, reveals itself to be more upon careful observation.